The Duckhams QXR monte was build for Paul Brace to race in the Italian Intermarque championship. Main sponsors were Duckhams Oil and Fast Car Magazine, so the car is described well in the 1989 issues of the last.




Changes made were: glass fibre bonnet and front wings, air from radiator routed over the car through grilles in the bonnet to reduce front end lift, front valance fabricated from steel, wheel arches aluminium front and steel rear, Perspex engine cover secured by pins, roll cage.

The sunroof aperture plugged with a steel sheet welded in place, buttresses with ally intake scoops directing air to an oil cooler from one side and K&N air filters from the other, removed rear bumper with welded simulated corner bumpers instead.

Suspension turrets were reinforced with tubing, Koni adjustable shock absorbers, Revolution three-piece wheels 8 + 10x15’’, fire extinguisher system, aluminium fuel tank fitted in the front luggage compartment, Corbeau race seat.



The engine prepared by Guy Croft: 175bhp, 190lb ft torque, twin 48DHLA Dellorto carbs, Alquati camshafts, balanced crankshaft, ignition kit, 46/40mm forged valves, 4 into 1 exhaust manifold by TCCM, Tilton race clutch, oil cooler, Alquati close ratio straight cut gear set in standard gearbox casing

Car was racing rather successful in 1989, was apparently for sale 1992 the first time and then again in 2002 as unfinished race restoration, after the owner didn’t manage to sell it at the price asked it was broken apart so the car is gone forever.