The german tuning shop Hoermann Motorsport offered this body kit for the Montecarlo in the 80ties. Hoermann was (and still is) specialized in tuning parts for italian cars, mainly Fiats but also Lancias and even Ferraris.



The kit included a front spoiler (consisting of two parts), extended wheelarches in front and rear and two extension pieces for the rear bumper.

They proposed also a rear light conversion from the square original lights to more Ferrari-like ones, the rear grille remaining stock. To fit with the extended wheelarches the alloy wheels produced by Ronal were 7,5x15 with 205/50 in the front and 8x15 with 225/50 in the rear.

Hoermann offered the whole range of engine tuning parts too, like carbs, cams, preparated head with larger valves, forged pistons, exhaust system and gearboxes with altered ratio.

The car shown here was built as a demo for the body kit parts and wheels, was sold later and apparently isn't existing anymore. The fotos are taken from the Hoermann catalogues of that years.



Here are some more photos of this car taken from the german "rallye racing"-magazine. The photos are not the best quality due to scanning but I think they're very unique anyway.






On the last pics one can well recognize that in contrast to the outside looks the cabin and engine compartment weren't very special, the car beeing mainly a demo for the body parts.


A similar kit was manufactured by Lester Acessori Aerodynamica, an italian body parts shop, still existing and producing, but of course not for the Monte anymore. The scan is rather bad quality, because it's of a black-white copy of an article from the british GTS Magazine




The Lester Gr. 4 body kit is also fitted on the 1980 S2 below. It was installed 1984 by Omicron UK. The front spoiler was removed later due to redesign with red paint and newer 8x16 Compomotive 3-piece wheels with 205/45 tires as the owner wasn't satisfied with the quality of the first used 8x14 and 8,5x14 Compomotives. The second rear fog light is not original but gives a more symmetric looks.