The following pictures are taken from the book "Lancia ß Montecarlo (Scorpion)" by Giancarlo Cometta and Giorgio Pozzi published by Fox Motors in 1992. This book includes (in italian) the production story of the Montecarlo, the different models, a buyer's guide, the racing history and the activities of the italian registro Montecarlo (not existing for a while but reborn recently). The whole thing is illustrated with many interesting and unique pictures, some of them shown here. Unfortunately it isn't available any more, but sometimes one can get one used.


Montes at the 1st Raid dei Colli Euganei 3/4.12.1988

A queue of Montes at the entrance to the Mugello race track at a raduno in june 1989.

The first Raduno Internationale Lancia ß Montecarlo at the Mugello race track in spring 1988.

Not quite sure, but apparently also from  the Raduno in Mugello spring '88


Raduno Internationale Lancia ß Montecarlo at Mugello in june 1989. Notice the american style nose of the nr. 65.

At the 6th Rally Automobile Club di Varese in 1984.


At the Rally all'Autostyle in 1989.

A race of the internal championship of the Registro ß Montecarlo.


A radical transformation done by the Erberth Racing team.

Another Monte modificated for slalom racing.


And once more a very radical transformation.

Same car again.


Well done modification for street use.

Someone tried to modernize the Monte with the front of a Lancia Dedra.


Ready for slalom race at a Raduno in Mugello 1991.

A Monte with the very rare glass hardtop offered as original accessory by Pininfarina



Added some pics taken from the homepage of the (new) italian Registro Montecarlo. You can find some more of them and the whole story of the registro (in italian) here: