During the winter break there was some work to be done. The crossmember was rusted and parts were broken away. It was welded and the MH gear shift mechanism added to have more space for the planned airbox. The ANSA exhaust was partly changed and freshed up.




And I wanted an airbox for the Solex ADDHEs. The MH airbox would be the easiest way, but it wouldn't fit because of the angled position of the carbs and the configuration of the piping to the oil cooler not allowing to get the alternator low enough. So I decided to make my own airbox. Started with a 5mm  aluminium plate the first part was to design a base plate for the airbox. Then a positive was formed in styrodur and adjusted in the car.




Finally the airbox was laminateded in fibreglass, fillered, sanded and painted. A BMC-airbox is doing the air filtering. A bit tricky but fits well, the engine has cold air and the noise level inside the car decreased.