The meeting in Druesnheim in the north of Alsace organized by Serge Bolidum started friday with the arrival of the participating teams. The weather god was kind enough to give us lots of sun so we had plenty of time for admiring the cars and conversation, the day ending with an opulent dinner at the hotel "Le Gourmet" in Drusenheim.









Saturday we had a nice and long tour in the northern Alsace area mainly on lovely narrow  roads. We saw a lot of this beautiful country with its picturesque villages and landscapes but also the always present remains of the fortifications of the Ligne Maginot from the second world war time. In the evening we tried the famous alsacian "Tartre flambee" and on the way to the inn there was a stop at an old car dealer although it was more an old car junkyard anyway. The meeting ended Sunday with a trip to Strasbourg including a sightseeing boat tour around the city centre.