The Spaitalia meeting for italian cars was organized inside the race circuit of Spa Francorchamps. Not far from Germany so a good opportunity to watch a huge amount of italian classic and sports cars.











In 2005 commemorating the 75th anniversary of the carozzeria Pininfarina there was a nice display of some prototypes. And lots of more or less street legal Alfas, Fiats, Lancias, Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis.








In the Lancia area we had fortunately some Montes, a group of remarkable good styled Deltas from Belgium and France and some more of the known Lancia stuff. Lamborghini showed the new Murcielago roadster and there was a good comparison between classic Lambos and the new cars.








There were two or three Ferraris used as race taxis to experience the circuit real fast as a passenger, but also the possibility to take a (not so fast) session on the track with the own car. Some special sessions for race approved cars completed the show. Really cool to stand at the paddock wall and have some of them racing down to the Eau Rouge at a distance from few meters...